We are pleased to announce the PAPA 21 World Pinball Championships, a Memorial for Suicide Awareness in memory of Lyman F. Sheats, Jr.

September 5-8, 2024
Enterrium in Schaumburg, IL
Proceeds Benefit Suicide Awareness
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The last PAPA World Pinball Championships were held in April 2017, and since that time, we have lost Lyman to suicide. The legendarily challenging format of the World Pinball Championships made this Lyman's favorite tournament, which he won in 2004 and 2006 (he also won the earlier PAPA 3, which used a different format), while consistently reaching the finals in almost every year. This tournament now honors his legacy in the pinball world, as well as his memory as a person.

As a returning tournament that intends to grow organically, PAPA 21 will be held on a smaller scale than many previous PAPA events. We are hopeful that the event will be a rewarding experience for players, and successful in its goals of honoring Lyman's memory and raising money for suicide awareness.

Players of all skill levels, as well as spectators, are welcome. There is no planned limit on the number of entrants. Pre-registration is not required, but players who register by 11:59pm CST on August 4 at this link will receive two free Main entries. You may register later, or on-site, but no free entries will be included. To learn more about how the tournament works, start here or use any of the links on the right.

This event has been brought to you by IFPA Pinball under license from Replay Foundation, in cooperation with Lyman's friends and loved ones. The organizers and sponsors offer you their huge and heartfelt thanks for your support! To offer your assistance as a volunteer, please complete this form.

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