Changes for 2024

With a seven-year gap since the previous PAPA World Championships, during which the PAPA World Headquarters were decommissioned and the Replay Foundation collection of pinball machines and other equipment were auctioned off, it is quite natural to expect PAPA 21 to be significantly different from PAPA 20, yet much the same in its essential nature.

Here is a quick rundown of the differences, for anyone who attended seven or more years ago:

  • We will be hosting a smaller number of players in a smaller facility
  • We will be using a smaller pool of games
  • We will be using new scorekeeping software
  • We will operate only one Classics Division, and no Juniors or Seniors
  • This is a charity event aiming to raise money for suicide awareness, and 20% of all proceeds will be going towards that purpose
  • The event ("we") is being operated by IFPA Pinball with assistance from others, rather than by Replay Foundation or the Pro-Am Pinball Association (the trademark and related material are under license from Replay Foundation)

We certainly intend to provide a world-class pinball tournament experience, and in so doing, to both honor Lyman and to raise money for a good cause.